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Originally Posted by pastelcarousel View Post
That's what I'm thinking about the kit; I'll probably end up replacing most of what it comes with, so I'll just skip on it. I'll go with getting the cheap tank at Walmart and using the whisper filter (maybe get a sponge filter soon). ^o^

The Cobalt heater has a thermostat and I've read that it's accurate. So now I'm between a Jager heater or the Cobalt one...I've heard lots of people say good things about Jager so I'll probably go with it.
Good luck! And it's good you chose not to buy the expensive kit, I feel really bad because my parents spent 80 bucks on a tank I didn't need when I could've bought one for cheap. :(
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Reference Team
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Jager, Eheim and Hydor are top-quality heaters. For a 10g tank a 50W will do. Don't forget to get a cheap thermometer to monitor your water temperature.

With one Betta in a 10g setup, I highly recommend you cycle with the fish in the tank. fishless cycling (with ammonia) creates much more nitrifying bacteria than a Betta needs. A fish-in cycle happens automatically; you'd have to take steps to prevent it. Just keep an eye on your ammonia; the levels should stay <0.25ppm. But a 50% water change every week should keep it safe. Use Prime (2-drops/gal) with water changes or when ammonia is present to keep it detoxified.
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I have the $30 10g kit from Wal Mart and added a heater. I was worried about the filter being to strong so I sat and watched my fish for hours. lol! I haven't had any issues at all. I have the kit for my betta Prince and 3 cory cats and another 10g kit for my sorority. I have 3 of their 5g kits too.
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If you're tired of water changes I recommend aquatic plants. They also help with cycling. In fact my last few setups have involved just throwing a bunch of fast growing plants into the tank and letting the tank run for a few days before adding fish (though I would be more hesitant to recommend this to a new plant keeper). Riccia is a great plant to start with as it grows quickly and also provides a place for bettas to blow their bubble nests. Sunset hygro is also a good grower if you can find it.
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