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How to raise my pH and buffer it as well.

Hello. I've got a betta fish in a ten gallon tank, and my pH is pretty low (the test regestered the pH at 6.0, and that's the lowest it goes. It could be even lower than that). He seems to be doing fine at the moment, but he occasionaly gets fin rot (or some other form of problem that makes his fins look ragged). I know a stable pH is very important, but I'm wondering if I should raise it, because it's so low. If so, how would I go about that. Is there a "home made" method, or do I have to go to the petstore and buy some chemicals?

Also, my alkalinity is low (about 100 ppm) and its my understanding that alkalinity measures the buffering ability of your tank. How would I go about raising this?

I tested the water straight out of my tap, and the pH is very low (about 6.5) and the alkalinity is about 80 ppm.

Like I said, I have a single betta living in a ten gallon. There is a java fern and three sprouts of that lucky bamboo. I have a whisper filter that I use, although its only rated for an eight gallon tank.

Thanks for any help that you guys can give me.
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I have heard that its not good to mess with your ph. Its best to leave it alone as long as its stable.
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