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I think bettas also have an inbuilt 'camera sense' that tells them when you are about to come snap some photos.
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Blue Fish
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He is a beautiful fish! And honestly, even when they're cooperating, the tank, the water, and the glare from the camera all work against you as can be a royal pain to get good betta shots. :)

All of my sponge filters are DIY, and I've been quite happy with them. :) There's a link on here somewhere...or you can check out youtube. If you do the youtube route, watch a few of them, everybody makes them a little differently, and you can pick and choose which method you like best. :)
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A sponge filter with one of those air flow valves is probably the best - current wise. However ther eare ways to baffle the flow of HOB filters. I haev both tetra internal filters and aqueon quiteflows. Both of them have too strong of a current but if you stick some filter foam a/sponge at the outflow, it will slow down the current a bit. Also, putting large decor in front of the fiilter helps as well.

FOr my 5G, I have a tetra 10i and have a large, oversized silk plant and a few smaller silk plants over on the side with the filter. Plus I squeezed some foam into the out flow

This is the aqueon but same deal
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The amount of noise an air pump makes is somewhat dependent on the surface it is on. I had my first one on the bookshelf near the tank. It put out an annoying hum. On a chance I moved it to the tile floor. Hum gone. I think that the fact that the tile floor is very rigid and heavy stops the floor from acting like a sound board in a piano. Of course, the quieter the air pump is to begin with the better results. BTW my air pumps are Tetra Whisper 20gal rated.

I hope this helps.
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