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aunt kymmie
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Having a test kit is good. I know when I was cycling my tank I got a big kick out of testing the water everyday. It made me feel like I was a biological chemist. If I were you (and I'm not) I'd go ahead and start cycling. You've got your fish food and your test kit, you're good to go. Everything else you need to know you'll pick up in the next day or so.

PS. The danio will NOT be getting any companions. He already thinks he's a Denison barb anyway.
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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
PS. The danio will NOT be getting any companions. He already thinks he's a Denison barb anyway.
Got any oscars? lol, ok that's bad, but a whole tank for 1 danio almost seems a waste of the electricity to run it.
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Haha, thanks for the help!
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Originally Posted by Scienceluvr8 View Post
Haha, oh wow, how long has it been like that? Yeah, I never wanted to do the "fish" method of cycling, seems to risky, and as it being my first time, I don't want to put any fish in jeporady. Just a question, when trying to cycle with fish food how many days will pass until my tank shows an increase in ammonia?
Drop three pinches of food in there the first day. Every day after that throw in like two flakes(pinches them so they becomes really small). Keep doing this until you see the water getting cloudy(white).

Once it gets white and ckoudy start testing every day(don't test the day it gets cloudy or the day after). Once it is cloudy drop a signle flake, again crushed up, into the tank. This should be efficent for a 5 gallon. Don't btoehr with water changes either.

Once the levels are stable do a 50% water change and gravel up most of the fish food. After that add the fish and they will create the bip needed for the bacteria

This is atleast how I do it if I am not using a fish. Remember if you want this to be faster plants help greatly with cycling and overall quality of the tank, they are just an annoyance to maintain(plants can need as much care as the darn fish at time s>_<)
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