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ohh no!!!

I think my baby's dying. Last night he was swimming about his tank just fine and this morning I noticed it was a little cloudy (I had done a change on Wednesday and I usually clean his tank on Sunday) This morning he was like normal so I went ahead and changed his tank.. and then I look over and he's favoring a corner of the tank!!! I looked closer and he had some fuzzy stuff on him.. and omg having a heart attack I don't know what's wrong with him. I am trying the salt bath thingie i read about online but i hope its okay.. maybe I need to change his tank again??


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sorry, I didn't read that because I was having a panic attack. but he's in a 1 gallon tank until i can buy him a bigger one. his tank has been set up for 2 months and 2 days, with freshwater. I feed him the Bettamin food and I change 10% water on wednesday and tank clean on saturday. i had done a 10% water change 3 days before he took ill. and he gets natural sunlight between 3:30 - 5:30 everyday. After the salt bath, the fuzzy stuff was gone and it isn't on him anymore, he looks like his old self.

He does not have a heater or a filter; my mom told me that when Firebolt had taken ill my brother had turned the A/C down to 65 degrees so perhaps the temperature is what made him sluggish.

I cleaned his tank yesterday and gave him some medicine/vitamin and he's doing a lot better today. I even put his tank into my mom's 55 gallon guppie aquarium and he seemed to like looking at all her guppies so later I let him lose in her tank (after checking whether or not they could be together) and he did really good, seemed like to old Firebolt until he saw one of the males fancytails and went to charge! haha. so I put him back in his tank. I think he's going to be okay and just got bored with his little tank I'm hoping to get him a real tank soon.

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I'm glad to hear that Firebolt is doing better!
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aw yay, i'm glad he's feeling better. the reason why he was so sluggish is most likely from the water being too cold, he was probably freezing his little tooshie off. what i do with 2 of my fish bowls that don't have heaters in them is put them under a light on my entertainment center, and it keeps their bowls perfectly warm at 78* all day :)
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