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Question Betta, Albino Bristlenose & other Tank Mates

Hi - I have just brought a new tank for my Betta.
Once cycled he will be able to move into his 2ft 60L/16G tank.

I am going to get 4 panda cories, but I was wondering if anyone has kept a betta and albino bristlenose together? I know the BN can be very territorial, but would this be ok in a larger tank?

I have no worries about him maybe outgrowing the tank as I am friends with someone how owns an aquarium store and I would be able to "donate" him.

Also, what other tank mates could I have?

(ps - no snail or shrimp ideas please....... )
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i was going to say watch the bristlenose doesnt get to big for the tank, mine grew incredibly fast hehe. uhm khuli loaches might work thats what i have in with mine, id be careful of the bristlenose though, mine is incrediblely stroppy with the corries in my 1.2m. i would think it could be a problem as bettas dont move as fast as corries? i'v been thinking about adding some galaxy asboras to my setup but they might fin nip, same with the tetras. its a difficult thing to find tank mates for these guys, you could try platys? mine seemed to leave my betta alone when he lived in the community.

good luck
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