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Fry selection question

I started out with less than good quality fish and culling was much much easier. Now that I'm trying to greatly improve my breeding stock it is getting harder to find reasons to cull...which is both good and bad. I used to cull out everything that was crooked or bumpy or very small but now I'm second guessing myself. I culled out a fry that had a bent spine-it literally looked kinked in the center with its tail and nose pointing up and the middle bent down. Seems easy enough, right? Somehow it evaded the predator fish and grew substantially.
Now its topline looks just fine-actually quite nice-although because the fish is somewhat see through I can still see the spine inside the fish is very slightly bent. If it were a dark fish you would never know. I started to cull some of my yellows because I felt like their toplines were too humped even though I'm after the "fighter" plakat body style. Spines look perfect-just the tissue in the topline creates a hump. After letting that go for a few more weeks they seem to be evening out. I'm less than thrilled with a few lumpy heads as well. Nothing drastic but not perfect either-now I'm second guessing myself to the point I can't make a decision unless the fish is just really wonky.

What types of things should I let go that tend to straighten out as the fish grows?
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The one with the bent spine who looks fine, still shouldn't be bred. Bad gene to pass on to the next generation.
As for what will fix itself, no idea. Depends on the fish too much for me to have taken much note when I bred.

I would say look at how many fry you have, what number is your goal to keep for further breeding, what you can re-home FOR SURE. Cull from there.
If you can re-home 6 for sure, want to keep 4 and have 70 fry count the best looking ones(ones without the faults), if the number is equal to or greater than what you can rehome/keep then keep culling out bad gene.

Culling doesn't have to be killing. Just not breeding.
You can divide the tank, or set up a second tub/tank. As you "cull" move them to that tank.
If they correct themselves/grow out to be lovely fish you can try to sell them/give them away. Personally I'd note to the person who bought it if it had a bent spine when it was younger so that person knows what they're getting into if they breed it.

This is just what I'd do though, it's really up to you. Everyone has what works for them.
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The one with the bent spine will stay with me. In this instance I am talking about putting them down because really, I don'twant them bred.
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