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Water change & bloodworm questions!

Hey guys! Back again with a thousand more questions (okay, not a thousand, just a few.)

I've read a lot of conflicting things all over the internet about water changes, including the tips on this forum, and I'm pretty confused about how often to change Gallifrey's water.

He is in an unfiltered, 2-3 gallon tank. It has an airstone, but we only run it for 10-15 minutes a day for him to play with (until he gets "winded" and goes for air a lot and starts mellowing out in his plants). Gallifrey himself is a small-medium sized betta (as far as I can tell) and LOVES the tank. He seems to have plenty of room and loves swimming around up, down, in circles, and generally everywhere in the tank.

The general consensus I've found is that, at the minimum, his water needs to be changed, 100% once a week. I've seen mixed reviews on rather or not I need to do a 50%-40% change in between that--some people say yes, some people say no. The thing that concerns me most however is that a decent number of people say that 100% water changes can REALLY stress out a Betta. Furthermore, I've known people who have had bettas who lived 3-4 years who just changed their water "when it got dirty" (which wasn't that often).

The best thing to do seems to be to get either a 10 gallon tank (which I would divide) with a filter or a 5 gallon tank with a filter. But my problem is... Gallifrey just really seems to like his tank. I mean, REALLY seems to like it. However, I don't want to stress him out by having to do water changes every week either.

Right now, we're thinking we may just need to get a test kit and test the water to see how often we really need to change things out, but we also wanted to get some other opinions as well.

My second question is in regards to bloodworms! We bought him some today since I knew I would be coming home late and I've been meaning to get them. They're super scary, haha! Not only are they gross, but the package is really explicit about not inhaling the fumes, touching them, or getting your face close to the container. They're just little freeze-dried ones from Walmart. My question is, how many should I feed him? Do I just get out one and drop it in?

I put one in there today and he seemed to get the idea and nibbled a little piece off, but I don't think he could figure it out again after that. He kept trying to get the whole thing in his mouth, failing, then spitting it back out. Since I can't "touch" them I'm not really sure how to chop them up, either... They're also much bigger than his pellets, so I'm also wondering if one is way too much (especially if he's already eaten that day).

Thanks! :D
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As far as water changes go people fall into two camps the hundred percent water change group and the cycled and filtered tank group, as as one being superior to the other there is much debate. I think it is a matter personal opinion I have raised bettas by both methods and prefer a filtered tank. Your water conditions are more stable and there is less over all maintenance. Betta are very adaptable fish and processioning a labyrinth organ as well as gill can indue much low level of dissolved oxygen in their tank water(this why they can be ship in small containers)

As far freeze dried worm go my Betta won't eat them so you just have to try them

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In a tank of 2-3 gallons I would do a partial change mid-week, even if it's just 25%. If there's no filter, the PWC will get the film off the top and give him a bit of fresh water too to last him til the 100% change :) Just my two cents worth.
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Reference Team
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"...we may just need to get a test kit and test the water to see how often we really need to change things out..."

Yep. That's the best advice right there.
[ame=] API Freshwater Master Test Kit: Pet Supplies[/ame]

I'm of the opinion that a cycled tank is always better for the fish. A 50% weekly pwc in a 2.5g cycled tank is common maintenance around here. That's done with a siphon to vacuum waste and debris off the bottom.

Bloodworms are midge larvae, similar to mosquito larvae. Some people are allergic, hence the cautionary notes. Frozen bloodworms are better than freeze-dried. Either should only be used as a treat. Good-quality pellets are the staple.
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3 gallon tank, bloodworms, treats, water changes

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