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Just got my first aquarium

Hello everyone I just recently became interested in fish keeping and am a bit overwhelmed about all the information out there about setting up an aquarium and taking care of a Betta but I'm quickly learning, or at least i'd like to think that. Anyway I got about a 27 gallon tank (18Hx12Wx30L)from a friend the otherday and am trying to figure out where to begin, I'm thinking of getting some sand to use as a substrate then setting up the aquarium for about a week before adding anyfish. what I want to know is, is that the right way to go about this? and is a 27 gallon tank too much for a beginer?
I think once I get started things will become more clear but I'd like to avoid some rookie mistakes if possible Thanks in advance
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Well, I think for a beginner, the larger is better. As for substrate, I've heard sand can be harder to clean, but that's your desision there. You could put your fish in a week later, but you could let the tank cycle. You can read up on fishless cycling online. You could put your fish in there, but you would prob. have to do more water changes in the start. Good Luck!
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Setting up

I got some sand from home depot and washed it pretty well I also put in a few plastic plants to fill in the aquarium a bit. I'll try the fish less cycling method once I get some ammonia and a heater. Speaking of which, can anyone comment on the quality of topfin heaters? I'm looking to get one for under $30 and there's a few at the store in my budget, Topfin being the cheapest.
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I don't know anything about Top Fin heaters but I got my Marineland stealth visitherm for $18 but I had to pay a $10 shipping charge. :(
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