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Suggestions on tank

Hi everyone, I am new here and a semi-new owner of a betta fish.

His name is Jack and he's awesome, whenever I come in the room he flips and comes near me and if I wiggle my finger near him he goes up and down. Such a cool creature, my first fish.

Anyway I've had him for almost 2 months now and I've had him in this .5 gallon Aqueon tank and he seemed fine but I've been reading that they should have a larger tank to be happy.

So I bought this tank today but I read that the filter is too powerful and that someones betta got sucked up into it and I took that out immediately before putting Jack in.

So I plan on returning this tank

I really want something to make him happy, this is a 3.5 gallon and probably largest I would go for the room that I have. I heard 1.5+ is good so I'm thinking 2-2.5

I have seen those size glass tanks go for around $10 locally but I need a hood like these both have since we have a few cats and a dog. I would also like lights and a small filter or bubbler.

I found a cheap filter online that does up to 6 gallons but I need actual advice to my situation.

My budget is only $40 however. I think a nice glass tank with a hood, maybe makeshift LED strip around the bottom would work cheaply but it must be safe for him and good.

Also suggestions if I should have a light blue cardstock paper taped to the back of the tank? I think it would look nice and hide bland wall. I know I need more decor or things too.

I am also looking at maybe getting a plecostomus, are those good for 2-2.5 gal. tanks? I heard bettas and them get along fine and I've also heard bettas just like being alone but mine is very playful.
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Sorry I forgot to mention some things

So Jack seems sort of overwhelmed in this 3.5 gallon tank for one but he's still playing the finger game (barely) seems a little upset.

The tanks are:

.5 gal: Aqueon Betta Bowl kit (only the bowl, bought a 1oz aquen betta food thing and Tetra BloodWorms for treats. I might want some more treats for him too, I want to keep him as happy as possible.

I use Prime Freshwater & saltwater conditioner, I used 7 drops for this 3.5 gal.

and the 3.5 gal tank is a GloFish 3.5 and it was 50% off at my local pet store.
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You can use the cardstock paper if you like the look. There is no pleco that will fit in such a small tank.

I wouldn't do the Glofish tank unless you switch out the lights. Stock lights are meant to bring out the glofish colors and wouldn't look good w/ regular fish
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