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21 Gallon Tank Stocking- Currently no fish

Okay so I've recently had the last two of my female betta's pass away. I have cleaned the tank and everything so it's ready for some new fish if the water comes up clean (which I'm checking tonight- All I can say about the water quality right now is I know that I live in an area with overly hard water.)

I know for SURE I would like some new female bettas and some albino or peppered corys but I'm not sure the amount I could keep in a 21 gallon or if there's anything else I could possiablly keep in the tank as well. One of my friends sudgested GloFish but I'm kind of iffy about getting them because I herd they do have a tendency to attack (or be attacked by) bettas.

Pretty much I'm just looking for some sudgestions as to what to maybe put in the tank along with the bettas and corys and/or how many I could keep of those.

Thank you for any help you can give!

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All so does anyone know if I would be able to keep a dwarf puffer in there? With or without the betta's and/or corys? I've wanted one for a long time and it kind of just dawned on me that my tank is large enough to hold one!

If I can is there anything I could keep with the puffer at all? I would still absolutly love some albino corys or something like that...
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i really like dwarf puffers! but from what i hear they are an aggresive species and cannot be housed with much. most people have species only tanks but some people are able to house them with ottos or plecos. in a 20 gallon id say you could get about four or five of them with about four otos.
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