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Thanks for the good advice!

Just wanted to say a great big THANKS to everyone here who has given me invaluable advice on getting my betta tank started! I have had little Calib for about 6 weeks now and he seems very happy and healthy. I think one reason is because I cycled his 5 gallon tank before I got him. And the other reason is I think he had only been at the pet store a very little while when I rescued him!
Anyway I had a question about my plants - I have tried several varieties of stem plants and they all have died! My anubias is doing really good though. I have Eco-complete substrate and using Seachem Flourish Tabs and have an 11 watt fluorescent light.Basically I have given up on all plants that are separate stems. What are some other plants, like anubias, that are not stems ( when the stems are all joined together, kinda like a bulb)??
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I don't know, I've never had any success with live plants, I would suggest fake ones.
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I can only keep bamboo, anubais, java fern, and java moss alive..... Idk why, im bad with plants so i can't help.
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There are several fully aquatic species of anubias all with different leaf patterns. I really like the anubias coffeefolia and anubias minima mixed in with the more common anubias nana.

have you tried brazillian pennywort? grows like a weed, is a bunch style plant. I have to trim weekly or it will over take my 5.5 gallon

also how about Vallisneria spiralis (spiral vals)? easy to grow, low light.

many of the stalk type plants require higher light that you have and possibly co2 infusion
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