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Old 09-04-2013, 12:41 AM   #1 
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Bubble Wall?

I'm considering putting a bubble wall in my divided tank.

Lucian is on the end without the filter, so he gets very little water movement. He also enjoys harassing his neighbor, Commander, and I feel the bubbles might be a good detterant.

Just curious- what kind of experience have some of you had with bubblers for your bettas?
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My only experience with a bubbler in a small tank resulted in chronic fin biting. Lakitu hated the bubbles. I therefore refuse to use them ever again in a betta only tank. Bubblers are unnecessary for bettas and they prefer calm non-moving water anyway.

Alternatively, you can load plants around the divider to give each boy space and privacy. Or make another divider with colored/opaque mesh.
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Old 09-04-2013, 03:20 PM   #3 
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Maybe you could do a java moss wall instead? I think that'd look nice, and it's what I plan to do when I split a 10 gal for my boys.
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I would like to dip my head in and say that although a lot of bettas totally HATE bubblers, some of them REALLY like them, too! We did a little research on it because Gallifrey LOVES the crappy little bubble wand that came with his tank. When we had it on full power, he constant swam into it and against the bubbles (even though he could've just hid in the back of the tank where there was no current). Now, we have a little metal air control valve that allows us to turn the power up and down on the filter and when it's really low, he just lays by it and lets the bubbles run over him. I swear it almost looks like he's cuddling with it! (What a goof!) If we keep it on medium power he'll swim down next to the tube and ride the bubbles up to the top. We don't keep it on all the time, but when it is on he LOVES it!

I would highly recommend this air valve if you're considering doing a bubble wall -- Jarven Air Flow Control Single Way Valve Gallifrey is totally happy with his! It allows you to control the power of the pump much more easily, so if full power is too much for your boy, you can always tone it down. And since they come in a 4-pack, you can use them for other tanks, too.
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Thank you for all the responses!

If I do decide to try the bubble wall and a lucian hates it, I can always put it in my 55 gallon tank instead :)

I was worried he was flaring too much, but he doesn't seem terribly stressed. I'm a little stumped because on the one hand I don't want him flaring too much, but he's stopped tail biting so I don't want to change too much and freak him out.

Decisions, decisions :p
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