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Red face Stocking in the future, help?

Before you all jump to conclusions with the I just got my fish, I'm too new to this, I don't know my fish yet. Blah blah blah (No offence) but PLEASE READ THE TITLE, in the future, not now! I want to get to know my current Betta before I go out buying more fish, but for when I do, I'd like to know a few things!

I have a 10 gallon tank, with a Tetra 2-10 Gallon Filter and Tetra 10-30 Gallon Heater which maintains a 78F temperature. A of course, one pretty chill male Betta. I heard flaring with a mirror is good exercise for him I put a mirror up for twenty minutes, he did nothing he just swam by it stared and inspected it and ignored it. He's quite active, he likes playing in the current my filter gives and swimming against it (which I see as good exercise, he could easily avoid the current but it seems he chooses not to) and swimming around the heater, so he's not lethargic but he seemed to have no interest in "the other betta" weird.

I'm just curious if I was to get other tank mates, what could I get? Please be specific with the breed and amount I don't want to over stock my tank ^.^
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mollies, platies, african dwarf frogs, maybe some guppies (preferably only one sex either male or female not both), nothing small ans shiny/flashy
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