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Old 07-17-2009, 01:53 AM   #1 
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Squishy has a new home, but looks kind of unhappy?

I recently went from having my little spontaneous-betta-rescue-fish Squishy in a 1.5 horrible tank, to having him in a full 3 gallon. I've got a cave, some gravel, and about 3 or 4 plants that reach the top of the tank.

However, the filter that accompanied the aquarium is one of those undergravel filters, and it keeps making this mass of bubbles at the top, because it's also an airator (sorry for spelling...)

I've noticed Squishy seems to be approaching this mass of bubbles rather cautiously, and he nips at them every now and then. I've had him in the tank for two days, and by now he's normally spewed his bubble nest (he's bubblenest happy--I had him in a tupperware container while preping the tank and he made one in there in about an hour) There's a rather noticable absence of nest from him, almost as if he's threatened by the mass of bubbles spewing from this unfamiliar machine.

I was wondering, should I just take out the filter/airator in general? Would he be happy? And maybe, could I leave the bottom part in and just take the tube out, not having it plugged in, so I wouldn't stress him out too much (again?)

If it's of any use, Squishy's a male veil-tail betta who's quite aggressive. I was almost going to mix him with my Otos until he proved how aggressive he is--he flares/displays whenever he sees someone outside his tank, but doesn't attack. It's kind of like he's showing off--every time you see him.
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Just asking, what brand of tank does he have? Anyways, yeah I had the same set up for my veiltail, and it won't bother him, he just won't make a bubblenest, which is completely fine.
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My 2 gallon hex has an under gravel filter with an aerator and it makes bubbles like MAD -_- My female betta doesn't seem to mind... but I can tell she'd rather just skip the bubbles and play in a filter's soft current. I doubt your betta will be able to tell/care if you leave the bottom in... so no problem there. I don't think the bubbles should make a big difference, but if it's interferring with your betta's bubble nest or he starts showing stress because of it... then take it out.
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