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Minibow Buffer

I am new to betta fish. I have the aqueon 2.5 tank with the minibow filter. I am struggling to keep the current down. Little food pellets fly around , the silk plant I have moves and the poor dude spends time up I'm the filters corner. Seems almost as it sucks him up there or that's where he feels safe. Even when I turn it off he still goes up there. All I have is the silk tree which doesn't take up a whole ton of space maybe like 20%. Should I add more to the tank or should I buffer it. If I should buffer what's the best way? Thanks so much!
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I'm going to give you my advise- this is what I did when I used to have that aquarium.

Those filters are not meant for Betta fish, or any long finned fishy friends. Crowntails will get their crowns ripped off by the intake, Halfmoons will get their fins shredded by the intake and the younger fellas can get pushed about by the outflow.

Not only that but the filters themselves aren't that amazing and very quickly grow algae on them due to the placement of the light on the hood. Not only that but the replacement pads are $9 for a pack of 3!

Here's whatcha do, buy a replacement filter! There is one called a Terta Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i .. You can buy this bad-boy at your local WalMart for a mere $10, and get replacement filter cartridges (pack of 6) for under $5. It's tiny too! It wont take up a bunch of room in your tank.

What's awesome about this filter is it's a bubble filter, it's intake is very gentle and it's outflow is also just as gentle. I put these in so many of the different tanks I had with all kinds of different tail-type Bettas and I never had any more ripped finnage.

This filter is more expensive at PetSmart but this is the first link I found, just so you can see what filter it is.
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In a 2.5 gallon tank you do not have to have a filter. I would pull it out and not replace it. You could try putting filter sponge in the intake or building the baffle suggested in the diy filter baffle sticky.
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It's true that you dont -need- a filter in a tank that small, with having to do such regular water changes it's almost impossible to establish a good cycle. However, i've noticed that keeping a little bubbler like that in there helps to keep the water from going stagnant during the times between water changes. With the light that is on the that specific tank, the water very quickly becomes gross even if you're doing a 30% water change twice a week.
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