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Old 09-08-2013, 05:48 PM   #11 
Reference Team
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Location: Alberta, Canada
He should be ok for a day. He will need a heater and a tank that is at least a gallon (but bigger is better). I would also feed him omega one or new life spectrum pellets, not flakes.
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Originally Posted by webfairy10 View Post
i keep my betta (Bob) in a 1 gallon fish bowl and he seems fine to me, but im a first time betta fish owner so i could be wrong despite all my research.
i dont think bob should be in a bowl
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Blue Fish
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There is much debate about tank size. I prefer bigger, a 10g per fish setup, but it seems that the majority on this site keep a single betta in 5g's of water in various set ups. As Matt said, a 1 gal bowl/tank is the minimum. I think of it being like living in a tiny 2 room studio apartment vs. living in a full-sized house in the suburbs. I want to live in a house, and I do my best to provide my fish with the same accomodations. :)

Also, you can get a 10g tank at walmart for 10$...the 1g bowls run about 6$...I'd just spend the extra 4 bucks and get the big one. ;) The other benefit to getting a larger tank are these:
-a 10g can be divided two ways and you can keep a second betta (yay!)
-a larger tank is easier to keep clean, you can filter and cycle it, which will make your life so much easier and improve the health and well-being of your betta as well
-with a big enough tank you can keep some tank-mates (either other betta-compatible fish or snails) which gives some much-appreciated interaction to your betta. Which, again, improves the quality of their lives.

You hold their entire universe in your hands. Everything they get they get from you. It's your responsibility to take care of them and to make their lives as rich and fulfilling as possible. :)
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Old 09-08-2013, 06:23 PM   #14 
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I dont either but im kinda broke and my only income is mowing the lawn but ill look into upgrading to a bigger tank.
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my bedroom is where i keep him and it gets really hot in the summers, but for winter lets just say the heater is on the other side of the house, and im hoping to get a heater by then.
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A gallon is fine as long as regular water changes are made.
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Old 09-08-2013, 06:38 PM   #17 
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Blue Fish put it best out of everyone that has commented.
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Bettas also are air breathers so keep that in mind when you choose a cover for him. You don't want to suffocate him.
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