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Old 07-09-2014, 01:20 AM   #1 
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Join Date: Jul 2012
Phoenix - Risen From Ashes

On 7/8/14 I found a betta abandoned in a Kroger parking lot. He was in an unmarked cup, sitting in a parking space opposite the space I happened to park. His water was over 95 degrees when I found him and raced home to try and save him, begging for help on the forum. After floating in a tub of cool water, and then room temperature water, the little fish made it back down to safe temperatures and stopped thrashing in his cup. He spent the rest of the day in the darkness, and only that night did I manage to get a good look at him.

What I saw was a terrified and emaciated little yellow veiltail male. He was clamped and pale and lethargic, laying at the bottom of his tiny, filthy cup and coming up only for air. But slowly, the fish was beginning to perk up a bit. When he was put in to float in his temporary tank, he began to move around his cup a little. And when he was finally released into the tank, he quickly made himself at home exploring every bit of it!

From some of the worst circumstances I can imagine, this little fish has risen beyond what I would have thought possible. He survived the hot sun and dangerous conditions of sitting in a parking lot. He survived being brought back down the 76 degrees rather quickly. He survived a filthy cup with disgusting black crumbles on the bottom of it, most likely fossilized poo considering how filthy the cup was and how clamped the poor fish was. But he survived. And he rose above it.

The name Phoenix was suggested for this resilient little fish, and everyone seemed to agree it was perfect for him. Here, I will be chronicling his recovery as he regains his color and unclamps those gorgeous fins of his... and eventually goes to his forever home.

The before shot:
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Old 07-09-2014, 01:24 AM   #2 
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Join Date: Jul 2012

Starting to unclamp already? He must be VERY happy to be out of that cup!

He's gonna be GORGEOUS!

Lookit that sweet face~
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Old 07-09-2014, 01:49 AM   #3 
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: Phoenix AZ
Still utterly amazed that out of EVERYBODY who COULD have found him, YOU DID! He is a VERY lucky Betta for being as un lucky as he was (if that makes sense LOL). I look forward to seeing his progres! Great work Seki!
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Old 07-09-2014, 01:56 AM   #4 
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That was a really good intro for him :)

+1 for CNDBETTAS, I deffinktly agree
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Old 07-09-2014, 02:22 AM   #5 
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Location: Pacific Coast
Subscribed! Can't wait to see this little guy enjoy his new home! ^_^
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Old 07-09-2014, 04:48 AM   #6 
New Member
Join Date: Jun 2014
Location: Oxford, UK
*subscribes* A..... a parking lot?! Why...! How could anyone do that?! I'm so happy you found him. That is immense luck. Ugh, I feel so depressed thinking anyone could just leave a fish on the floor like that ;___;

He is very beautiful, I'm so happy you're together :D
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Old 07-09-2014, 06:04 AM   #7 
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Location: Manitoba, Canada
Subscribing! Can't wait to hear how the little guy is doing!
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Old 07-09-2014, 06:26 AM   #8 
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You're a saint for what you did for this little guy. I'm looking forward to see how his recovery goes.
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Old 07-09-2014, 07:44 AM   #9 
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He looks way better out of the cup ! How is he this morning Seki ? He kinda looks like my boy Jon ! I can't wait to see his colors brighten up . Also , has he eaten anything yet ?
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Old 07-09-2014, 07:50 AM   #10 
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Location: Either Philadelphia or Pittsburg pa
I've never seen a betta look so happy to be in a .5g bowl, goes to show how much you saved him
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