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I've been on here for a few months now, and I try to help out wherever I feel I can, but I've never really introduced myself have I? Well prepare to have your socks knocked off - here's a bit about me :)

I'm Tiffany (if you couldn't guess from my name haha). I'm 24 and I've lived in Iowa my whole life. I have a degree in practical nursing, though my job has absolutely nothing to do with my schooling. I'm a live-in nanny/housekeeper for an awesome, if a bit flighty, family. The kid, M, is 12 and is doing online public school. His dad, R, is a psychiatrist. The other kid, G, is 10 and is here every other weekend when she is able to. There's also a dog, Rooney, who I am not fond of lol I much prefer my fish :)

I have a mild addiction to Chobani greek yogurt and granola <3 Could eat that with every meal and be quite happy. I also love Pepsi. To win my heart, bring me a strawberry rhubarb pie. I have a weakness for anything with mustaches on it, including my mom's fish who I adopted for her, Clark Gable. I LOVE to read - I've always got a book or my Kindle on me. I think brown is an underrated color. I have 5 nieces and a nephew who mean the world to me. When I grow up I just want to be a wife and mom... I don't want to be someone big and noteworthy, I just want to be happy, with a husband and kids, and know I'm being the best 'me' I can be. (sappy I know, sorry lol) I'd really like to be able to do betta rescues sometime. I also have ambitions of visiting Africa sometime to visit the 2 children I sponsor when they graduate their programs. I'm a bit of a Vampire Diaries fanatic... I have just a TINY crush on Ian Somerhalder, and it may or may not have to do with the fact that I met him, hugged him, and he gave me a kiss. Before that I was totally all about Paul Wesley haha Also Hugh Jackman is probably the most gorgeous man ever - in the words of Amy Farrah Fowler, "The uterus quivers, does it not?" :) hehe

I've had fish off and on for as long as I can remember (when I was young, with the help of my mom). I've always liked bettas since they're so pretty and have had quite a few of them over the years. But, as with most amateur betta owners - they were in bowls (of a gallon or more at least, guess I got that right) but unheated and without tops. I had probably 4 or 5 commit fishicide on me before I gave up on the whole thing, the last one was when I was about 14. I wasn't planning on getting a betta when I moved here - I had never been to a Petco before so I decided to walk around and check out what they had to offer. Of course I stopped by the bettas, I'd never seen so many in one place and I'd never seen so many different tail types either! And that's when I discovered the baby bettas, and my Alaric... Grabbed a 1 gallon tank, some rocks, a plant, and my fishy and headed to my 66 degree air conditioned home. After about a day and Alaric still wasn't swimming around I hopped on the interwebs and did some research, and I'm so glad I did! Ran and grabbed the lil guy a heater and a thermometer - and he perked right up :) And that's when my current betta adventure started.

I now have 4.5 bettas. I say 4.5 because one is my mom's - I'm just caring for him for the time being :) Alaric was my first, then when I went on vacation I stumbled across Gaston. Unfortunately he passed away this past weekend :( After Gaston I got Fiyero, my double tail baby, Pascal a gorgeous delta tail with massive fins, and Darryl my beautiful white double tail. I think he's a marble as he's changing color a bit and gaining more color where there used to be just white. Since Gaston passed I've been pretty bummed, but I'm ready to add another guy (or gal!) to my bunch :) Planning on going on Friday after my new heaters come in the mail.

The pic I attached is myself and Candice Accola from this April. I hope this lets you know a bit about me :) If you have any questions for me, I'm an open book - ask away!
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Wow! Nice to meet you Tiffany! And welcome to the forum! :)
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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