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A little about me!

Hey everyone, my name is Alex. I am not new to the forum or to bettas but I just wanted you all to get to know me! I currently have 2 aquariums 1 a ten gallon betta planted aquarium, with shrimp and LOT'S AND LOT'S of water lettuce. I also have a 40 gallon Amazonian aquarium, with the only exception being two kribensis I hope to add driftwood to both of these tanks later this year. I love animals and I am planning to get a hedgehog in the future. I am aslo working on indostomus crodilius aquarium witch I hope to setup in the spring, and a wild betta fusca aquarium to breed wild betta. I hope to study marine biology in college but im only in high school so that could change. As for you guys I have a few questions.

1 how many tanks do you have 1 or 100???
2 whats your favorite type of betta? (wild or tail type)
3 whats your favorite fish besides betta? mine is Discus
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1. I have 6 tanks at the moment, only 5 in use.
A 5 gallon with a massively delta tailed male, Pascal.
A 5.5 gallon with a 'teenage' veiltail Alaric.
A 3 gallon 'kritter keeper' with a white-ish double tail male, Darryl.
A 2 gallon with a baby double tail, Fiyero.
And a temporary 1.75 gallon that has my mom's fish, a very light, almost white, sandy yellow delta tail, Clark Gable.
The unused one is a glass 2.5 gal who will gain an inhabitant this weekend :)

2. I can't pick a favorite! They're all so pretty, but halfmoons seem to stand out to me more.

3. A porcupine puffer fish :D I want to have one someday, but they require a massive tank and lots of fresh foods, so I'll have to win the lottery first.

Nice to meet you :)
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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