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I am new to the community and I love my bettas.

About me:
My name is Tiffani
I am currently attending WNC (i have high hopes to become a nurse) and I work at Papa Murphys part time until i finish college
My best friend is the manager at Petco and I am given many sick bettas.
My most recent rescues are taking a pregnant guppy and currently raising about 15 young :) and my male half moon betta suprisingly is gaurding fri that arnt even his! there are about 5 of them and it is amazing to see him protect them as his own, these fri were being taken care of at petco with my friend until the daddy died (disease of course) so now I have about 8 betta fish. So Hi!
Feel free to ask any questions
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Welcome :) If you're ever bored or need help, anyone here would be more than happy to talk to a fellow betta addict!
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Hello and welcome to the forum. That is so cool that you were able to get a male betta to take care of fry that aren't his. He must have very good protective instincts.
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So I have a new rescue I just got in yesterday. He is a tiny (1 inch long) dragon scale crown tail. I was given him because within the past week he had been returned about 3 times and everyone says he doesn't eat anything. I have had him overnight and was working with him. I put him in a gallon tank and I have tried to feed him bloodworms, pellets and even Betta flakes. I think maybe my issue is his size. So I gave him the smallest foods I can but I noticed he is almost a bottom feeder and seems to be more interested in his gravel, once the food drops he goes for it and he will take a bite, spit it out and continue doing this. I'm not sure what I can do. He follows my finger the the top and I know he sees the food. Maybe I'm just worried over nothing because he has been moved around so much. Any advice? I've never had a Betta act like this.
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