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Question How often should this water be changed?

My tank is 2.5 gallons with one male Betta. Filtered and temperature between 79 and 81. He is fed 2 pellets in the morning, a little flake food in the afternoon, and another 2 pellets at night. He also gets bloodworms in place of a pellet and the flakes on Friday. x3

He's been sick since I got him, so I've been changing large amounts of water basically everyday, but he's finally healed up. Now that he's better, how much water should I change and how often?

And another stupid question:

I'm scared to leave the filter running at night, that... and the noise bothers me. Is it okay to turn it off at night, then back on in the morning?
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On a 2.5 I would do two water changes a week. One mid week and one on the weekend.

50% on one and 100% on the other, wash all the decor on the 100% change day.

Since you can not cycle such a small tank it would be fine to turn the filter off at night.
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That's about what I figured. x3

I am hoping to get him a larger tank... whenever I find the money. Hoping to find a 5 gallon for him, and then get a female for the 2.5 gallon.

I was really just worried that turning the filter on and off could mess it up. Never had a betta in a filtered tank before. @-@;
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Old 08-04-2009, 09:04 AM   #4 
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A 5 gallon tank would be great! And safer for the filter. I think you should turn it off at night since the size of your cage. Like neenjar said probably clean it 2 times a week. If you have gravel sift it and rinse it when you clean 100% with warm water. You should do a 50% change too. And it wouldn't hurt to put some aquarium salt in for safety :)
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Aquarium salt seems to make Sushi constipated. @-@;
I had used it at first and had that problem, then dropped the amount of salt and still had the same problem.

Stopped using it completely and he's fine. xD

I have bought some gravel to use, but haven't put it in his tank yet. Not sure if I will... because I'm sure it would make the tank a chore to clean.
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