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stocking my 40g. betta friendly ideas?

I have an old 40g I plan on setting up and turning into an NPT.

What I really want in my tank is a betta. I dont know why, but I'm completely biased towards getting one. I love their personalities and the way they act.

I'd also like 4-7 cories of some kind and cherry shrimp.

This tank should be planted quite a bit and the plants should provide some nice hiding spots, I'd imagine.

maybe another species of fish, but I don't know. Do you think shrimp, trumpet snails, corydoras and a flashy betta would do well in my 40g? Or would it still look really empty? Should I not get a betta?
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I think those would all be fine, although I don't know much about shrimp. Cories do very well with bettas. In a tank that large, you could even get two different types -- like pandas and greens -- and watch them school separately. I saw a tank like that at my LFS and it was really awesome to see them keep to their own patterns. African dwarf frogs are another good option. I have two in my community tank, and they add a lot of personality. They look like tiny drunk men sometimes.

Rasboras are great tankmates, too. I've also heard ember tetras are good.

I would suggest getting your betta first. That way you can observe his personality and see if he's a good candidate for a community tank. Some are just far too aggressive to live with anyone else. Some, like my Romeo, are so lackadaisical that anything goes. Have a backup plan just in case it doesn't work out. :)
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