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Old 08-07-2009, 08:16 AM   #1 
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Smile Just a few questions?!!?....

I am buying a (probably male) betta fish next week.

I have some old bowls, from when my sister had a betta fish. Is it fine to use them? Her fish lived for about a year and a half.

I'm pretty clueless, so can anyone just let me know what I need to buy and do before I get my fish?
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Hello and welcome to FishForum. A gallon bowl will be fine as long as the water gets changed frequently but it would be better to put him in a 2.5 gallon or larger if you can. You'll need:
Water conditioner- most people use Aquasafe or Prime but there are many conditioners out there to choose from.
Food- a good pellet food like Hikari betta bio gold. Again, there are many to choose from.
A net. I use brine shrimp nets because they are softer than regular nets.
Gravel or glass gems for the bottom of the tank/bowl.
A decoration or two, depending on the size of the container you put him in. Make sure they don't have rough edges that he can tear his fins on.
Silk plants.
I think that covers it. I hope this helps. Good luck choosing your fish!
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well welcome to! It depends on how big the bowl is and you should probably get some kind of cover. It should maybe be a 1 gallon or 2 gallon tank, but if it is less thats ok. But in the future you should probably get bigger.Do not put two Bettas together! When you do water changes, Betta's like it pretty warm so the water can be around 76-80 degrees. You MUST have water conditioner. Of course food, and as a treat you can get freeze dried bloodworms. A heater and filter are good too. Please don't use it with your bowl though or any small aquarium. You would at least need a two gallon or bigger to put that stuff in. You can also get something to check pH in your tank. Try to stay away from plastic plants get silk ones or real ones. Also, you should have some medicine on hand, some aquarium salt, i use the one called API it looks like a blue milk carton. You use that for salt baths if your Betta get fin rot. Also maybe some Betta fix. And I think there are some medicines for Ich one of the diseases they can get. All this stuff sounds expensive but when you get all of it its not really. O, yea I almost forgot gravel! Good luck!
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Welcome to FishForum :) DQ and Bubs covered it. Good luck!
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Welcome to the forum! & yes, they covered it. Good luck with the new guy.
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Good luck and welcome to the forum. I would get no less than a 2 gallon, he would be much happier in larger. my baby is in a 5 and many on here have theirs in a 10 gal.
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and make sure you purchase a healthy fish- they get sick easy in those little bowls they keep them in at the store.
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