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Old 09-20-2013, 04:29 PM   #11 
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Forgot to say when you increase the temp make sure its very gradual though. You don't want to shock him with the drastic difference. Do about 2 * in an hr or so.

Last day medications tomorrow i think its good idea to use Epsom forr the pop eye and sbd. I think you said that you was using Epsom before.Can you remind how long , i think you wrote 5 days and how much of the salt you added per gallon?

Is the eye getting worse or its the same? Because if Maracyn is working its suppose to help the eye too.
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The eye is the same it hasnt affected the other one yet but the one that is is still swollen pretty bad I don't think he can see through it cause he constantly stilts his head to see with the other eye

he ate another pellet today! so tomorrow I'll try feeding him his usual 2 pellet meal and see if he eats both

epsom salt was done the week of August 19th when he started having long stringy poop and became constipated. the treatment went on for 3 days until he finally pooped and it was all brown. then a week went by he was ok and then this began and I went in with general cure last week and then switched to Maracyn a few days ago when General Cure wasn't working and he began to have swelling in his eye and the other symptoms leading to possible SBD and Septicemia

Week of August 19th: Epsom Salt 3 days
Week of September 8th: General Cure for the whole treatment
Week of September 15th: began full treatment of Maracyn Two right after General Cure that didn't work and will continue until tomorrow Sept 21st

he's been through lots of medication in the last month with a 2 week break between Epsom and General Cure. I've been scooping him up constantly to assimilate him to everything so he has been SUPER stressed which is why this white stringy stuff maybe being his slime coat could be what it is since he's SUPER stressed with medicating the move from FL back to VA and constant tank changes

I did 1 tsp per gal in his 1 gal tank but this one Id be doing 5 tsp for his 5 gal right?

should I wait a few days after maracyn to begin epsom salt for his eye? and just do daily water changes? I don't want to over stress/medicate him since he's been through so much in the last month

I havent seen his Flash or Dart all day but still Skittish with a little problems swimming straight and one eye swollen. looks to be gaining a bit of an appetite which is good and a little more active just swimming slowly instead of normal pace for him and I haven't seen him gulp or gasp for air like he was a few days ago

Tank is at 82 so far just turned it up a little

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Epsom salt can be used more than 3 days so we fine on that. Yes it should be minimum dose of 1tsp/gall so for 5 gall -5tsp/gall. But you also can slowly increase it to 3 tsp/gall. You can use Epsom for 14 days and longer. So you can start first day 1tsp and then next day increase to 2 tsp , day 3 increase to 3 tsp WITH daily water changes.
I would use it right after you finish with medications only because you saying that the eye is not better, and i think you need to try to treat it so its don't get worse. Medications are harsh on their systems. Maracyn 2 puts a lot of stress on the kidneys but at the same time he still has something going on that need to be treated. Salt is less stressful though than medications.

When fish has slime coat: external parasites, also from using the medications and salt also. But people saying slime coat is not something bad its protection against the disease , meaning his system is fighting, i think.

General Cure that you used is usually recommended and good for the internal infection so may be it did helped since his poo is normal.

You saying that he was gasping for air yesterday which also can be due to the gill flukes .

So i think its good for now daily water changes
Tomorrow last day of the meds-start Epsom
And i still worry about ich or flukes, so if you think that he don't get worse from the temp that you raised and its really clime coat not the Septicemia i would raise slowly the temp again.

If it wold be Septicemia i show you those pictures , did you checked them out? I just think if it is then it would get worse pretty fast with the warmer water and it will increase in spot on him just like on that picture.

The reason i am worry and recommending the temp raise because the symptoms you describing sound like parasites + infection.
I just hope that he don't have gill flukes because its more difficult to treat and they can reproduce and the life cycle is linger than ich. So they really more difficult to treat. So i hope he is not gasping for air.
I was reading someone treating for gill flukes and tried like 3 different meds and its didn't help. And now using strong meds and salt dips (4tsp/gall )

Also i am not sure but i think ich using photosynthesis , another words will reproduce with light so keep the tank darkened.

Will wait for the update.

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this morning he is talking large gulps of air and sitting at the top for a while before moving with the eye still swollen. Im going to see if he eats again today. lately every time he sees a little movement he gets scared and swims away to hide.

temp is a 83 and I just adjusted the heater a little so it should go up while Im at work this morning and I'll continue on raising it more when I get back until its at 88. Well see how he reacts to warmer water

more of that stuff on the bottom of the tank but not on any decor just on the tank bottom.

todays the last does of Maracyn so tomorrow we start Epsom for his eye

ok, Ive just been turning the light on so he can see the food but other than that its off the whole day.

So epsom salt with only cure the swollen eye? or does it help in treating other things? I've only used it for constipation and such so I don't know about anything else that it treats

I'll keep you updated on the last treatment, how he does with the heat, and how he is when we start the epsom tomorrow afternoon
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I am wondering if he is eating.
I just think its good that the white stuff on the bottom and not on his body though
And monitor if he still scratching the body and darting, if he does it less then hopefully the temperature working.

No Epsom salt is good for constipation as a laxative , helps but not treat internal parasites because its laxative so its purge the parasites out, helps with sbd ,dropsy symptoms ,in general its has antibacterial affect. Its helps to reduce fluid retention in the body.
See i still not sure if Maracyn works because of your high pH which is really not high for the betta at all but someone said that Maracyn not working in that pH.
Also i was thinking if you still can order kanaplex in case the Epsom not helping .*
My years old betta died today:( But i am fine he had a good life. Sorry i don't know why i am writing it. I will go buy another betta though.

Will wait for the update. I am coming home today very later about 10 pm but i will still try to check on you .

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omg I'm so sorry ): when Carl passes I swear i'll be a complete wreck it kills me to even think about it. I mean I know you get a new one but it can never replace them you know? each one is so different. S.I.P ): I hate that they die so quickly I wish they would last at least 10 years or something like dogs and cats

he's eating he ate two pellets but he's not doing good he started twitching like crazy like he was shaking something off then went and ate it..but not clamped much and no darting or flashing thus far. he's just shaking stuff it looks like

if epsom doesn't work Im just going to come to terms with the fact that he's going to go soon. no point in continuing to stress him out with medication you know? sometimes some things aren't reversible ):
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Can you summarize everything that's gone on with him, along with what you've done? (Basically, a short timeline of it all.)

I know that you've been treating him, but I also saw that you've moved from FL to VA. Did he get sick sometime before, during, or after the move?

When did he get the swollen eye?

The white stuff in the tank after you started the antibiotic may have been dying bacteria. Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. So, for example, if you left the media in your filter, it would have killed the beneficial bacteria there. (It also means that you'll need to cycle your tank again.) Also, some plants don't do well with antibiotics or medications. (Epsom salt doesn't affect them though.)


Anhel - I'm sorry about your betta! I'm sure he had wonderful care throughout his life. Unfortunately, their life span isn't all that long.....
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Old 09-21-2013, 05:27 PM   #18 
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After moving to FL from VA which didn't end up working out I did an epsom salt treatment because he started having stringy clear poop then it went back to normal and he was fine then we moved back to VA after all the mess and he was fine the first week then he started getting sick

tried General Cure then now Maracyn Two which isnt seeming to be working :/ so I plan to do Epsom salt starting tomorrow.

He's currently in a QT 5 Gal tank with a heater and a floating log to lay in to make it easier to access air. nothing else in the tank so I can see if anything falls off and all and I can medicate without killing anything

He got the swollen eye earlier this week during the General Cure Treatment

he began to eat again hopefully he continues to eat

Symptoms he still has:

- Pop-eye
- looks to be shaking stuff off at times
- Skittish
- sits up at the top
- gulps for air and opens mouth really wide to get air Im guessing
- fins are torn to the extreme half of his bottom back fin and bottom fin are gone
- twitchy when swimming and has a hard time swimming correctly

Ive raised the temp and since then he's stayed at the top then twitches he seemed better at lower temperatures he seems uncomfortable at higher ones

he's been eating but I've yet to see poop once I do I'll let you know what it looks like
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Old 09-21-2013, 08:55 PM   #19 
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so he was eating and eating real quick but he hasn't been pooping so now I have to fast him because he's super constipated. I got some pictures with my sisters Iphone the quality is much better and I got a picture of his eye and what he looks like now

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LittleBlueFishlest thank you for help. A little bit more information that i think is important. He was treated for gill flukes. And yesterday symptoms also were looks like external parasites. And i recommended to raise the temp. Those are the symptoms

- darting
- flashing
- rubbing against everything and anything
- pop-eye ( I assume its pop-eye its swollen, cloudy)
- blood spots around the infected eye, head, and gills
- not eating but will eat the fungus and plant roots ( this I don't understand) but he hasn't eaten his food in a week and a half now its beginning to worry me
- purplish red colored gills
- clamped torn fins
- lethargic
- Having problems swimming straight. every time he swims down his body turns him every which way and he cant go straight so instead of going down his body flips him and he goes up...

And as i remember i think his tank was never cycled. Am i right?
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