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I actually know someone who trained his rabbit to use a litterbox and he gives her free reign of the kitchen/laundry room. One thing to consider is many people (like me) are horribly allergic to rabbits. I mean, I can't even be in a room a rabbit was in even if the rabbit is no longer there. So it's a good idea to keep the rabbit in a part of your house where you don't usually have guests around, or certain guests might stop coming over because they can't handle the allergies.
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For adoptable rabbits at shelters near you, is a great resource, i found both of my dogs through petfinder.

Yes rabbits can be litter trained- in fact I've heard many rabbits are actually rather easy to litter box train, though Im sure it depends on the individual and i can cannot speak from experience as I don't own rabbits but know quite a bit about them. Rabbits eat the cecal pellets they make when they defecate, so putting their hay (most recommend free feeding something like Timothy hay) in the litter box or in a hay rack next to it can help with litter training.

As for the thing about rabbits not liking being held or played with, that's not always true of ALL rabbits. Though not always the same in those respects when compared to something like a dog, there are rabbits that do tolerate or even enjoy sitting on laps, being held, playing with toys, etc. There are rabbits that will lie on their backs and let you rub their belly! But of course, just like betta fish, dogs, cats, and every other animal, they all have their own personalities and that comes complete with likes and dislikes. Having a house rabbit, as opposed to a rabbit kept outside in a hutch enables you to not only view more of your rabbits behaviors (and it yours) but interact with it more. Like many small animals, gerbils, guinea pigs, etc. the more time you spend with your rabbit and the more effort you put into working with it the more likely it is to become used to things like grooming, playing, and petting.

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All great advice here. I have a rabbit now, she's 7 years old now! (I forgot to celebrate her bday I just realised!)

Tip: adopt spayed/neutered rabbit. It's cheaper for you and easier in the long run since hormones will have already died off. Acacia took about a full year of me having her before her hormones died off post-spay. It was ridiculous, she was very moody and somewhat aggressive.

I fully support indoor house rabbits as pets. They are smart, contrary t popular belief, and you can train them with a clicker or food rewards.

I keep Acacia in a closed top NIC "condo". It's made out of those cubes from target and is 3 long, 2 wide, 3 high. (I'll show pics after work) I used to have open top pens for her and my other rabbit years ago and I would go in and sit down with them but since moving and getting my current cat I need to have her completely safe.

Rabbits CAN live outside but it's like chaining a dog to a dog house in my eyes. When it's out of sight, it's out of mind. then there's weather, predators, disease. Lonliness. Rabbits are social animals and like to bond with another rabbit. If you cannot get another rabbit, for whatever reason, then keep your rabbit inside and he'll bond with you. Talk to him, sing to him, sit with him. Th bonding process can take time depending on the rabbit. Be patient.

It's rewarding to have a little bunny. Getting to know them is fun because did you even know bunnies made sound?!?
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