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Arrow Glass Pebbles?

I got my Betta Fish from my local Pet Store, and they told me to get a very small tank for my Betta. I had no other choice, so I bought it... There's only about enough room for my hand to fit in (my hand is kinda small) and just a little room left. It also said it came with a "plant" but it was a fake plant that was spiky. I placed it in there with the rocks it came with after scrubbing everything down with hot water. He looked happy in his little home, but then about a week later things started to look bad. His fins were scratched up, he started to swim around his tank very fast, and he would stay in one position for a long time. I didn't know what this meant, considering this was my first Betta. The next day I took him out and put him in my old 2 gallon fishtank (I have only kept Goldfish in it, so I didn't know how my Betta would React), but He seemed happy, because he had a live plant. While I was at school, I asked my mom to run by PetSmart to get some more betta food and a Plant. Were all clueless to the world of bettas, so my mom just got the best thing she could buy. Alltogether, the food and the plant (Which i hope the food lasts most of his lifetime, because its a lot of food...) it was only about $3.00 after taxes. As I was watching him swim around, he looked happy. I wanted something else to make his little tank look cuter, so I was wondering if it was safe to use the little glass pebbles from the dollar store, because I have seen people use them before. I am kind of debating weather or not they are safe, but I guess if I wash them with very hot water before I use them it may be ok. I was just wondering if any "Betta Experts" out there could help me, because I am really new to bettas, and he seems happy.

<3 Alyce
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Hello and welcome to FishForum. I use glass gems in my tanks and they are just fine. Just rinse them in hot water, like you said and they should be fine. If his fins are torn up, it may be the plant you have in his tank. Plastic plants can have sharp edges which can tear a betta's fins. I think the 2 gallon tank will be fine for him.
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Good for you to use common scence and move him into a 2 gallon. The guys at the petstores know nothing, they all believe what the world believes, that bettas don't need anything but food. This is wrong, good for you. He will be much happier, and drama said it right.
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And welcome to the Forum lol
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