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My Fish

Hello this is my fish marley i think i am going to name him, i was just wondering i feed him aqueono pellets for betta i feed him about 2-3 a day once a day is that good?

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He's a very pretty boy!

Aqueon isn't a very good brand. To find out what kind of good food you can feed him, look at the first three ingredients on the label. If you see fillers; Wheat, Corn and Soybean products then it's a bad food or just worse than you can buy. There is one food that has no fillers in the first three ingredients and is one of the best; Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets. They have no fillers in the first three, making it a much healthier choice for your boy!

Another great food and I think is really better, is New Life Spectrum. They do have one filler in their first three ingredients but they make up for it by having spirulina and garlic in their formulas. Garlic is a natural anti-parasitic food and doesn't mean your fish won't ever get internal parasites, but it certainly helps to ward off internal parasites! Betta's also go crazy over garlic generally so he'll love them!

As for how much, it depends on the fish, how big the pellets are and how often you feed him. I feed mine once a day although some feed twice or more, but in one feeding I generally give around 6-8 pellets of NLS because they're much smaller than Aqueon or Omega One as well. If I were to feed twice a day, I'd do 3-4 pellets in one sitting.

Also variety is great! You wouldn't want to eat broccoli every day for every single meal right? So switch it up! I use both Omega and NLS and I also offer Frozen Bloodworms once or twice a week along with Frozen Brine shrimp and my fish love them! Just stay away from Freeze-dried bloodworms though, they cause bad constipation if fed all the time. They can however be fed once a week or less as a treat but I think Frozen are better anyway ^_^

If you want, many of use do a fasting day where we do not feed our fish for an entire 24 hours. This helps keep their system healthy and sort of flushes everything out of them. It's not totally necessary but it does help
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