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Thanks for putting my mind at ease! It seems like there are people who say it goes inside the sponge and others say it goes above. There are a few bubbles on the sponge itself, they don't seem to be coming out of the sponge though..they're just hanging out on the sponge.

I feel so bad for my poor betta, Cesar. I can't believe how much stuff accumulated under that UGF I had, despite my often vacuuming. Now that my gravel vac can actually reach the bottom of the tank with no UGF in the way, I'm hoping it'll never be that bad again. No wonder his fin rot hadn't been clearing up even with upped water changes.

Either way, I'm sure this will be a better filter for him : ). Good luck with the plants! I'm sure they'll do great. I've been slowly adding more plants to my tank, it takes serious self control not to turn the tank into a full on jungle!
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Blue Fish
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LOL about the jungle! ;) Out of the five 20g longs, three are now fully planted, and I have realized that I LOVE playing with the plants and doing the tanks. :) Two more to go in the next few days, and then on to the 30g sorority. That one is going to take some time because the plants have to be BIG and TALL so my girls have enough cover. :)

Yeah, my sponges get bubble hangers-on, but the filter is working because my cycle is strong. :)

I've never done a UGF, but I can definitely see how they could get really nasty down there. :P I know I'm always shocked at what comes out of my gravel when I vacuum, it's amazing how much brown nastiness is down there after just two weeks!

I bet you're right though that now his fin rot will be so much better. He's going to be such a happy little guy! :D
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