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Talking Getting a Betta tommorow :D

Hey guys, i'm new to the forums, but i've been reading alot of posts on here, just couldn't be bovered to sign up I've decided i'm going to get a Betta tommorow (male if possible). Is there any tips i need to know when buying my Betta? And i also have some Goldfish food which i bought before changing my mind to Betta, so could i feed it to my Betta, or should i buy some Bloodworms when i'm out? Thanks alot

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Hello and welcome to FishForum. I would get a 2.5 gallon or larger tank for your betta. They need a pellet food especially for bettas like Wardleys Essentials or Hikari betta bio gold. They can also be fed freeze dried or frozen bloodworms, daphnia or brine shrimp.
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^ what she said.

Bloodworms are just a treat and goldfish food contains too much vegetable matter so it is definitely out. I use Hikari Betta Bio Gold and sometimes Bettamin flakes (just as good in my opinion and the bettas love it but it is a pain to feed). I prefer frozen to freeze-dried food because you don't have to worry about re-hydrating it. I feed frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia - thawed of course.

As far as choosing a healthy betta - it is good to research betta diseases so that you can recognize them if you see them. Basically, the scales should be smooth with nothing on them, the fins should show no sign of deterioration or fungus, eyes shouldn't be protruding unnaturally, and the fish should at least be swimming upright in the cup. For your first betta I strongly recommend against trying to save a sick fish. It is a lot of stress at first especially when you are not familiar with fishkeeping in general, never mind treating illness.

Other than that just get the betta that you like best. And most of all have fun with your new pet...but be forewarned, they are extremely addicting ;)
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Thanks for the advice I know definately that my tank isn't any less than 2.5gallons, but ill have to measure it sometime lol. I'll have a look in the pet shop for some Betta food, they sell Bettas so they should sell the food.
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