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Kathleen McKenzie
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Betta not eating

I acquired my Betta in January and put him in a square 1.25 temporary tank until July. He was always fine; I completely changed his water weekly, conditioned it and aged it. There were no live plants. He had good appetite and came to eat when I put his food in. That all changed in mid-June when I visited my sister for two weeks and asked a neighbor to feed him. I stressed just 2-3 little pellets, but she was afraid he would starve and she grossly overfed him. When I came home, there were heaps of uneaten pellets on the bottom, the water reeked and you couldn't see through it.

Since then, poor Bonnie Blue Fish has hardly eaten more than a pellet or two a week, spends most of his time on the bottom and doesn't respond to me.

I bought a little triangular-shaped aquarium and though it holds the same amount of water, it seems small for him. Also added a light and filter. The light is on for a few hours during the day. The aquarium is not in sunlight. I siphon water from the bottom to change 1/3 every couple of days, also add stress coat to the fresh water and let it age.

I thought I saw spots so have given two ich treatments. Today after siphoning water and restarting the filter, I noticed small, cottony white flecks floating in the water. Is this ich?

Is he basically healthy but needs a bigger tank?
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