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Old 09-22-2013, 10:56 AM   #1 
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Filter Issue or New Tank Syndrome?

Hi all!
I set up my 5 gallon hawkeye aquarium with 3 silk plants, a moss ball, a 7.5w heater, and a tetra whisper 3i filter. I know this filter is supposedly for up to 3 gallons, but seeing as this is a betta tank with only one male betta I thought it would be fine and it does keep my water clear. I am trying to cycle the tank and it has been set up for about 5 and a half weeks now. I dont have a water test kit to give you any readings, sorry. I change 50% of the water once a week using a gravel vacuum and I feed my betta omega one buffet pellets 6 days a week, 5 pellets each day. I have developed a protein slick in my tank, it comes back about 3 days after every water change. Also, brown spots all over my silk plants. I rinse them and they look better but the brown spots keep coming back. Is this all a product of the tank cycling and will the brown spots and protein slick subside after the cycling process completes? Or is my filter insufficient? I haven't changed the media in it or anything like that, I just swish it in my old tank water to rinse it when I do water changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Brown algae or Diatoms will go away with time. The protein slick not so much, as long as there are broken down proteins in the water there can be protein slicks. More surface movement helps break them up and prevents it from occurring

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So I don't need a different filter then you think?
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Filter should be fine. As long as it moves some water, it's ok. You don't want to overpower your betta. A filter will remove things in the water but its real purpose is to house the bacteria you're trying to grow, which is why you're not replacing the filter cartridge. I suggest buying a filter sponge and stuffing it in your filter with the cartridge. After your tank has cycled and you have bacteria on the sponge , you can ditch the cartridge and never buy another cartridge and rinse and reuse the sponge.
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