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Possible fin problems

Hello everyone. This evening while watching my yellow male betta, I noticed that the very tip of his tail is looking red. At first I wondered if he was changing color....but then I noticed that he has a small amount of looks like "fuzz" on the tip of his tail. Is this the beginnings of fin rot or a fungus?

The tank:
10 gal. divided tank, live plants/driftwood, sand, shared by ghost/cherry shrimp and one female betta on the other side of the divider (was quarintined before being introduced to the tank and still appears healthy). Partial water changes are performed weekly and new water is treated with Prime. We are currently dealing with a slight green algae problem, which is one reason that we got the cherry shrimp.

Ph is reading 7.8 and the ammonia is looking to be slightly below .25

Edit: It looks like I've made a mistake and put this in the wrong section of the forum! Sorry! If anyone could move it to the right place, I'd really appreciate it.

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Anyone, please?
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PH is a little high in my books, but not horrible. I would check your nitrate level too, since that is hand in hand with algae problems.

If Prime is not helping with the nitrate levels you might want to try AmQuel+, I have used it for over 20 years with my tanks (since I was 9 yrs old) and it has never failed me in fresh water tanks if used as the directions explain on the bottle.

Another option for your algae problem is to get a plecautomus (spelling?) which is also known as an algae-eater. I find they do a better job then shrimp and bettas usually get along with bottom dwellers. You may want to do a little research on this as I am relatively inexperienced with bettas in paticular.

Good luck
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Fuzz on the tip of his tail could very well be fungal fin rot. You will want to treat him in a separate tank so as not to harm your other fish/plants. I have used Jungle Fungus Clear to treat fungus on a corydoras catfish once and it has also worked for bacterial fin rot in my rescue bettas as well.

What I would do is do a google image search on "fungus on freshwater fish" or "fungal fin rot" and see if it matches what you are seeing. Then, if you conclude that this is a case of fungal fin rot, try the Fungus can buy it at most chain petstores such as Petco, Petsmart, etc.

Hope this helps!
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