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ARGH!!! Cloudy tank >_<

Oi, I am having trouble with a cloudy tank.

My daughter admired all of my tanks and wanted one for her own. I ended up getting her a 3.5 gallon tank, threw a small heater in there, gravel and two small decorations. The problem it a filter just doesn't fit.

So I clean it every other day. The problem is that it is cloudy 100% of the time. The water is clear going in but an hour later the BEtta clouds up the entire tank. Is there any way of fixing this? I have had Bettas is 4 gallon bowels before and NEVER had this problem >_>

P.S- All usual chemicals are being used. I change the water 100% every other day and every weekend I take everything out and completely wash everything, including substrate.
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There are some filters out there for tiny tanks. Have you looked at the any of them? I was looking at some yesterday and I can't remeber what site I was on. I'll try to find it.

Here is one... Filter for up to 5 gallons

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It's probably the tank just cycling.
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I'm going to say it's probably a bacterial bloom...does the tank smell bad as well? I had this happen once on a cycled 10 gallon and I just did 2 50% water changes and added an airstone (because bacteria will deplete oxygen which is harmful to fish) and it went away by the next day. I've never seen a completely clean tank start to cycle so fast which is why I said bacterial bloom.

Is the tank in the sun? It's harder for an uncycled tank because I don't understand why it would keep coming back if you did a full change. Maybe try doing a change every day for a while and see if that works. Maybe even do a 50% change halfway through the day.
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