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Not too sure

So he's my deal. I have no experience with fish or tanks. I bought one fish last week and it died 2 days after getting it. It was clearly sick, now that I know how these fish are supposed to look/act.

Now I have two. One came from the same store as the one that passed, and one came from a great store. The one from the better store is doing great. Eating everything (and acting like it's not enough, lol) swimming around, watching everything around even seemed to enjoy swimming though the current when the filter is on.
The other one seemed pretty happy in a vase with a plant to hid in, but didn't seem to want to eat (I figured he was picky) I put them both into a 10 gallon and this one found a corner and pretty much stayed there. He swims very little, and only eats when no one is nearby. I think he may just be shy or stressed but I'm worried. Now he seems to have whiter scales under his chin area. However, the two fish have been flaring at each other like crazy and I found a small area that's rough on the divider, so I'm wondering if he hurt himself on that.

I've been reading that many people do 100% water changes daily, and salt baths for sick fish.

First, should I do these things as a preventative? Even though I'm not sure anything is really wrong with him.
Second, doesn't it stress them out? Moving from one tank, to a cup, to another cup, to the tank, daily?
How do I do a salt bath, and with what salt?

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So, I figured out how the salt baths work.
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My fish currently has his caudal (i think thats how its spelled) and his dorsal fin torn up pretty badly. What I'm doing is changing his water 100% every day until I see improvement and also giving him salt twice a day.
It kind of depends on how your fish handles the salt. Mine does very well with it, he doesnt seem to mind.
Mine doesnt seem two stressed, from me taking him out of his tank twice a day but it all depends on the fish.

My fish handles salt well, so just put 1/4 of a teaspoon of the aquarium salt in, but I make sure to take him out until it dissolves.

Another way is to put the salt in a small container, and put your fish in for about 5 minutes, making sure he stays concious, and then take him out.
I think thats how you do the second one, I'm not too sure though because I've never tried it.

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You don't need any treatments if you aren't sure something is wrong with him. Light coloration on the face is usually just from stress which lessens a fish's color. What size are your tanks? In uncycled tanks you will need to do 100% water changes every day to once a week depending on size (larger tanks can go longer between changes).

If you don't have heaters that is the most important thing to make a huge difference in your bettas. Bettas are tropical fish and need a constant temp of around 78-81.
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