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Question Little baby fishie

So I have this little baby goldfish that I "stole" from my brother ( He had a couple goldfish die so I was worried and managed to get the smallest one from him) He's in a 1 gallon bowl with a small plant, marbles, and an air line. I was wondering if it would be safe to put him with a docile betta? For example, Beast, but I am worried about the ghost shrimp and such. What do you guys think? Have any of you done this ??

Here's the link to that thread where I posted pics of him (he's in a betta cup)
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goldfish dont need a heater. bettas do. please dont put them together. they are two different fish from two different worlds
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goldfish eat anything that fits in their mouth and he will get big. i saw your other thread, he looks like they type that gets to 12 inches if given a large enough tank. Also he is a coldwater fish your betta is a tropical fish. i really wouldnt mix the two. i think having him in a small bowl temporarily is better than mixing the two. do a lot of water changes and hopefully you can get a bigger tank
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Thanks for the replies!
I didn't think about the heaters >.< I feel bad. For now I think he will do perfectly fine in the bowl. I think since he is so small the bowl is like a tank from his view. Literally he looks like a penny on a piece of lined paper. (just for comparison viewing) I haven't been able to find pics of a goldfish his size yet. Still searching.

I thought about getting another one from my brother but I think the ammonia levels will build up too fast.
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Reference Team
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Goldfish grow incredibly fast. I believe in an ideal environment they are supposed to reach their full size in a couple of years.

When goldfish are housed in tanks that are too small for them, they can suffer from the effects of stunted growth.

Goldfish also produce an astonishing amount of ammonia for their size so even small fish require tanks with generous filtration.

It is good of you to take in your brother's goldfish, but based on your post it sounds like you may not be aware that they are quite a big responsibility. If your goldfish is a comet you are looking at a fish capable of growing up to and beyond a foot in length.

Goldfish also are capable of living for decades so it is a big commitment.
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Location: Florida
Thanks, I wasn't that aware of how big a commitment they are.

I will be getting a bigger tank for him. I'm hoping my brother will end up just letting me take his 10 gallon (which will still be temporary) because I did buy it for him. If Anything I will buy one and get a nice power filter and better pump.
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