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Betta fins getting darker

Hi there. I am so excited to have found this forum. I have inherited a veintail beta. I live in Hawaii and a friend moved back to the mainland and gave him to me as a goodbye gift (surprise!!). Anyway, he was being housed in a 500ml jar with holes punched in the lid. Water was being 100% changed weekly and he was being fed a few pellets a few times a day (??). I did a bit of research when I got him and have ordered a 3gallon tank and am awaiting its arrival. In the meantime he is now in a Rubbermaid container with 3 gallons of water treated with NovAqua Plus and Amquel Plus and I have added some kosher sea salt to the water. 1 teaspoon per the 3 gallons. I have 3 plants in with him and he is very obviously a much happier and more active fish. He is making bubble nests, very social, great appetite and very active. His fins were not great but not good either. The top fin (sorry do not know anatomy yet--just behind his head) was clamped and a bit tattered--since the other fins were not affected I was assuming being beat up with the full tank changes and also the poor water conditions. I plan on doing 50% water changes 2x weekly until the new tank is set up and ready to go.
My questions are: 1) since he has been moved into the new setup (3 days) he is much more active and really seems happy. I have noticed that his gills seem darker--but he is also seeming more aggressive and flaring and posturing a lot when walking by or going to say hi to him. He started making bubble nests on the 2nd night. Today I am noticing that the top fin is opening up and flowing more. The general color of his fins is getting darker. Was a light orange, now becoming brighter and has a red undertone. Is this something to be worried about or could the color change be a natural change cause he is in better conditions. Should I be treating for finrot or just watch to see how he does. Do not have a pharmacy for him yet so would need to run into town (1hr away) to get what I need.
I have had him for 2 weeks and am pretty attached. I am moving in a couple months so am going to stick with the 3 gallon for now. May upgrade to a larger tan if all goes well. Never thought I would have a betta but I am getting pretty into the whole thing now. I am studing the nitrogen cycling process, aquascaping, natural environments etc and feel that this is going to be a fun challenge. Thank you so much for the help and advise.
Susan and Daryl (named after a character from "the walking dead")
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Hi Susan and Daryl! (I love the walking dead!!)

Just wanna say first off that I'm also from Hawaii! although I'm studying on the mainland right now...
Anyways, to answer your question, his color change is most likely nothing to worry about. It seems like he is changing colors because you're giving him a better home and cleaner water to live in! Before, he was a bit neglected, I would say, and that's why he was paler. By brightening up, he is just getting his natural colors back.
For Fin Rot, you can treat it with 7-10 days of Aquarium salt. However, if the fin rot is gone (if there's no dark lining around tattered fins), then I would keep up with water changes and keep the water clean. Using Stress Coat by API as your water conditioner is also good for fin healing, since it has additives to help build slime coat. And because using salt for a long time is bad for the betta, I would try to ween off of the kosher salt. Good luck! :)
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