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Your betta is pretty - seems like you have him happy and under control.
How are the goldfish doing?
I used to have some really cool Black Moor goldfish years ago - loved those guys!

Goldfish usually like cooler water so sometimes you can get away with no heater, or if you have a heater you can set it pretty low.
Goldfish tend to be pretty 'dirty' - they generate a good bit of poop etc...the ones I've had eat quite a bit too (fish after my own heart - haha). So a good filter is needed.

What kind of Goldfish are they?
If they are smallish you can keep them in that small tank and change the water a LOT - but you will need to plan on getting a bigger tank depending on what kind they are and how big they'll get.
The bigger the tank - the easier it is to cycle and maintain - also more forgiving if something gets weird with your water chemistry (counter intuitive I know - but true).
I'd love to set up our old 45 gallon tank and make it a goldfish tank. Maybe someday.
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I actually think they are black moor! But they are part black,and part orange! But their bodies are like the black moors! Right now i have 2 filters in the tank and we don't feed them too much.
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I like 'em! Glad they are feeling better.
They will need a bigger tank - but if they are hanging tight for now and doing ok for you - then you have some time and can do some planning and buy things slowly (easier on the purse!).

You can consider if you want to keep just the two of them in a tank...or if you'd like to keep some other fish with them that are not 'fin-nippers' AND can tolerate cooler water like goldfish need - that rules out quite a few kinds of fish.
Or maybe you'd like a much bigger tank with several more goldfish - it would be nice and colorful. You'd start with your two in there, get it going, let it cycle and very slowly add new fish...slowly to allow your beneficial bacteria to handle the new waste level the new fish will create.

I'd say if you just want the two of them and don't care to add other fish- maybe something along the lines of a 20 gallon tank with a good filter would work fine - you might want to research canister filters. We've used them on tanks we've had in the past and really prefer them to other types - but they can be pricey....not sure how your prices are in the UK on aquarium stuff. I order a lot of aquarium supplies online because it's cheaper that way here in the US. A good 'hang on back' filter would be fine too, less expensive than a canister and there are lots to choose from.
You could have fun decorating a 20's a decent size and someday when something happened with your goldfish you could add a heater and make it a tropical tank easily.

Just my thoughts.
Oh - and I LOVE London...haven't been there in far too long!
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Well for now I don't really wanna buy a big tank,first I wanna make sure that they are nice and healthy!:) Because my pleco was the same,he seemed much better,he was swimming around and his color was nice and strong and then 3 days later he died.:/

But I love the idea of the big tank!:) but first I wanna make sure I know as much as I need to know about tanks and all of this before I start a new one:)

By the way,London is amazing,I moved here about 3 years ago and I still love it:) and tomorrow I am going to check out the biggest and most popular aquarium center:) they do tank setups and selling stuff in the store as well and they have lots of fish,plants and tanks. If you are intrested check out their website: :)
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