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Unhappy Should I euthanize?

My betta Steve has been sick for the past month and a half. He was bought from a pet store with not a good record on animal care, and has been sick since the day I brought him home with one thing or another.

Right now, he's had ich for almost a month. It's only on his fins, and doesn't spread to his body. I've tried everything I can think of. I added aquarium salt, moved him to a larger tank, warmed up the water, and used medication. I finally stopped the medication after two weeks (the directions on the bottle was for 4 days). It's not gone and he continues to deteriorate.

He only swims to come up for air, and the swimming is skiddish and twitchy. He'll come to the food to eat, but spits it back out. His fins look ragged to the point there is a hole through one of them (possibly from the ich).

Should I put him down, and if so what method do you recommend?
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

You can try the salt/heat treatment on him. If ick is the problem, I would not give up hope yet.

Add 1 tablespoon salt per 5 gallons of water. You will need to raise the temp all the way to 86 deg. Do it slowly, no more than 1 deg a day. At 82 deg, the ick starts falling off the fish, at 86 deg the free swimming ick will start to die. Keep the water at 86 deg for a whole week after all visual signs of the ick are gone.
Add extra air for your betta. Higher temps depreciate oxygen levels.

Water changes will also help remove some of the free swimming ick. Keep the water clean and free of any ammonia or nitrites. While doing the heat/salt treatment, just remember to replace the salt that was removed and add water the same tempt.
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I wouldn't lose faith hope it all works out!
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I agree with Twistersmom. Don't give up hope yet!
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I hope he makes it OK. I had to put down one of my brother's fish and she was so sick I just took her out laid her on the paper towel she flopped twice then died but she was probably hours away from dying already. but if ich is the problem you should be able to make it better.
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Please don't give up hope...I'm curious what you have tried to treat the ick (or what medications in general). Maybe there is something you haven't tried yet that you didn't think of or something.
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I don't think euthanizing (torturing) your fish would be the best idea. I would treat the best you can and make him as comfortable as possible.
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