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New Betta

My betta Fry passed away today and I feel horrible that I couldn't help him get better. My fiance has said he will get me another betta and I've decided that I would like another one, this time though I want to be completely informed going in. I don't think that I was with Fry, I worked at a pet shop when I got him and thought I was doing the right thing but I've realised that I wasn't

I've gotten rid of some of the things that I had for Fry, for example the castle I had for him because I saw some of the paint has come off, and the plants I had with him.

So now I have a 50L tank, an Elite Jet-Flo50 underwater filter and a blue planet 50W heater. I have some bio-gold pellets left, and some water treatments left. I was hoping you could help me come up with a shopping list of things to get before I get my new betta as well as giving me any tips like what plants they like the most or any toys I can get them etc. I just feel like the information from the pet shop was wrong and I want to make sure that this betta has the best life possible.
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seachem prime and/or API stress coat are really good water conditioners for when you do water changes.

you can get driftwood or things that the betta can hide in. I got "Cichlid stones" on ebay for my Finnegan to hide in :).

I dont know much about live plants... but i know for fake plants, plastic ones are bad since the fish can accidentally rip its fin on it, but silk plants are okay.

idk much toys out there for bettas but i've read that some bettas like to nip on a ping pong ball so you could try that. Otherwise, the best toy for your betta is probably your finger as he/she tries to follow it :P
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