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fish are harder than babies


that or i'm insanely paranoid because i'm failing so miserably at this.

as we may or may not know, Finneus has fin rot (my belief). I was giving him meds in his water and he looked ok, not great, but ok.

today i went to do a water change-it's actually not really due until tomorrow, but i had time to today. there was a LOT of waste-much more than last time. (he likes to eat 2x per day 3-4 pellets per time)

i put him in the little bowl he came in while i changed it and he went crazy jabbing at the bottom with his face-as if he was like GET ME OUT OF THIS TINY THING. then he was kinda just laying there. but i had to leave him in to finish the tank.

now that i've put him back in-with more of that fin rot meds, he's just laying at the bottom. he's breathing, i can see that, but he's still so lethargic.

could he just be mad? i know i'm probably paranoid but i can't lose a third one within 2 weeks of having it again or i'm going to give up!
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Okay, I've got two little boys and 6 fish and let me tell you the babies are MUCH HARDER.

Some of my fish HATE being put into smaller containers for water changes or treatment. They just sit there like "Oh, thanks" and are usually fine after I put them back in their tank. Also, if I'm treating them with meds, they usually don't care for that either. They act unhappy, but perk up once they have a med-free tank.
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Fish do not like water changes, especially if you have to catchh them and put them in smaller containers.
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