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Question What fish should I get with my Female Betta?

Hello. I have had my female betta in a one gallon wall mount tank and she loves it and is very happy with it and there are no problems with the size. She is a tiny female.

And I got this tank for $5.00 at a yard sale! What a deal. Came with everything but I had to buy a new filter for only $11.00. It is just filtering everything out now.

Left Side of tank:

Middle of tank:

Right side of tank. That is a ship with part of it that opens up and reveals treasure :

The top of the tank:

I want to get more fish but I don't know what goes well with female bettas. I really don't want to get a sucker fish. I would LOVE to get those red and blue tiny tetras. Would those work? Also, I am feeding my betta Tetra Betta Min Tropical Medly with Color Enhancers Balanced Nutrition with ProCare for optimal health flakes and it has a few chunks of shrimp here and there. She LOVES it! With the recommendation of fish, could you tell me what that new fish would eat? Would my betta try to eat it's food? I also don't want shrimp. What about more female bettas? Would they fight? I'm kind of nervous about adding new fish with her but she seems like a great fish and she is always swimming and active in her tank and has never even tried to jump out. She loves her old one. What fish would you recommend? Please try to answer by Sunday, September 13th, 2009 11:00 AM EST because I am going to go to the Pet Store because they have a deal, buy a fish, get another of the same kind for $0.01. Thanks!
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with a female you can get quite a variety of fish such as sword tails, mollies, tetras, cory cats, plecostomus, platies, rainbow fish, rasbora, and danios pretty much anything thats not too flashy or aggressive. just watch for aggression and dont overstock. it should be an inch of fish per gallon (thats full grown size) if you add more females you need at least 10 gallons and need lots of plants and at least 4 female bettas (alot of times its more trouble than its worth with aggression)
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I'd watch some of those plants, they look sharp and could possibly hurt your betta. I'd also be worried about the treasure chest that opens, it could open and close and trap your fish!
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Those plants looks mad sharp! id take them out and get some bigger fabric or silk plants. If your thinkin of adding more betta it is a must to have big plants, and maybe some other decor so they can hide! Im not the one to ask about tank mates, but i think the above post mostly covered it. And what do you have against shrimp! some cherry shrimp would go over well, and are adorable :)

also if u decided to do a sorority, make sure u have 4+ bettas! otherwise aggression will be way to high.
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To get more fish such as tetras I would recommend getting a slightly larger tank. (2+ gallons) I got Mr. McFish's tank for about $5 because I don't have a filter or anything. The only plant I would worry about is the middle on it looks a little bit sharp but not super bad.
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