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Im worried about my fish...

ok i just got a new fish and a new fish tank. Im really attached to her and im new to fish stuff so im worryed and have questions.i have a plant in my fish tank and i heared that some plants can tear a fishes fins.How do i know if my fish has teared fins? i dont know if my plant willi tear my fishes fins. And sometimes my fish will just lay on the rocks in my tank. does that means she is sleeping? She will always leave her spot when i come by her.

My fish's name is Hazel i like how it sounds.Hazel Likes it to!she well come by me when i come by her and swims around when ever i say Hazel and if she is swimming and i say hazel she looks at me. And in a dictionary one of the definition: says a female given name. So i know its not something really werid :)
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You will know if its fins are teared if you see its fins splitting whn nit swims. It lays on the bottom of the tank its normal for a fish to do that. She leaves her spot when you come by her becaause she is scared something will attack her. Hazel is a very nice name. My fish's name is Swimmer. I had him for 1 year. If the fish tears its fins, go to the place wehere you got the fish. and look for a fish medication that heals tears on its fins and body
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You can use a tissue to tell if the plant is to ruff for her fins..Just rube lightly with the tissue against the plant and if it is to ruff, if not it is fine!!
And it is normal for her to lay at the bottom! Just resting! :]
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Plastic plants are especially prone to tearing fins. Look for sharp pointed edges, especially in the shape the leaves take. Also look at how well they manufactured the plant; little bits of untrimmed plastic can also do harm if they're sharp/pointed enough :S

If you want to avoid tearing your fish's fins, get either silk plants or real plants :)

Other ornaments can do the same thing though. I bought a little castle for my females and although the outside looked fine, inside there were lots of sharp areas I had to clip away. Make sure you check the stuff you put in your tank before hand.

Also to heal wounds, the best medicine is usually just clean water, they usually heal in time. Neenjar might also suggest a salt bath just to help prevent bacteria from infecting the wound. xD
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Bettas like to rest every once in awhile on the bottom of their tank/bowl. If they do it for prolonged periods of time then it may mean something is wrong.
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Old 08-31-2009, 10:29 PM   #6 
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i dont see any signs of teared fins so i guess my plastic plants are okay. Hazel is used to me more now so if i come she'll stay at the bottom longershe is excited im here or unless its feeding time or because i feed at certain times :)

Hazel - dark red female
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