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New to this forum and to betta fish keeping!

Hi all!

I'm Faye, art student, and I live in the Netherlands.
I've always had many pets, and now that I live on my own I really miss them. Even though I go to my parents' house every weekend for my horses and cats, it can get quite lonely living alone.

So after a lot of research I decided to get a betta. They are very beautiful and not too expensive to keep. And leaving them alone for a weekend isn't a problem.

I just set up my 15 gallon aquarium with plants, wood, stones, filter and heater and I am waiting for it to cycle (three weeks) after which I will get a betta.

But I figured it would be nice to learn even more about them through a forum. I am specifically looking for tank mates. I was thinking endler guppy's or neon tetra's. and some nerite snails and ghost shrimp perhaps.

I am completely new to fish keeping and betta keeping. I've never taken care of a fish in my life, so I am eager to learn.

This is what my tank looked like right after setup:
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3 weeks cycling sounds good. You've done your research! Yay, that is super uber rare out there.
I know that your new friend is going to love his home! Welcome to the forum
My suggestions is to go with neon tetras rather than guppies, because bettas can sometimes confuse them for other bettas. A snail might be better depending on the betta. Some are snail killers, others are shrimp murderers, and some are both.
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Old 10-09-2013, 09:57 AM   #3 
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Thank you for your reply!

I love animals and I just want the betta to be happy, I couldn't just get an animal and hope for the best. I just HAVE to do research to make sure I can give the betta everything it needs.

Luckily here in the netherlands betta's aren't sold in cups anymore, I know some stores do, but I've never seen them. Most fish stores keep them in community tanks with some schooling fish and shrimp. So the fish are already used to living together with other creatures and aren't as agressive as cup kept fish.
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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