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new to forum and new to bettas!

hi everyone,

so i am due o get my first betta tomorrow! (so excited) i just have a few questions about keeping them.

would a 3 gallon be ok?

should i use a water conditioner?

do i need a filter and heater? and a thermometer?

should i add aquariam salt?

should i avoid spiked plants? (i dont want to casue the fish any harm)

what kind of pebbles/gravel should i put in the tank?

and the last question do i need to feed them with special food?

sorry there are so many questions, i just want to do the right thing

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A 3 gallon would be perfect, you NEED water conditioner, You shouldn't need a filter in a 3 gallon but if the room you're keeping the tank in get's cold then you need to get him a mini heater and yes, a thermometer.
Aquarium salt is always good. I would add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon per gallon. For plants, get silk ones. You can get plastic if they aren't pointy. If you get plastic, use the panty hose test, run it along the plants and if the panty hose rips, it's no good for you betta. You can use any type of aquarium gravel. & last but not least, bettas eat pellets. You can also feed them blood worms, daphnia or shrimp. You should have a feeding schedule. Here's mine.
I feed 2 pellets every 12 hours (10:30 am & pm). Tuesday and Saturday mornings I feed some blood worms. Sunday I fast them and Monday morning I feed shrimp.
Hope this helps & welcome to the forum!
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yep, vikki pretty much covered everything. don't worry about the questions, that's what this site is for! welcome to the forum
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Vikki and sunkissed said it all! Welcome to FishForum!
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