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Old 10-01-2013, 02:33 PM   #1 
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5 Gallon Compatibility Help

So, my Betta, Ziggy, is now happily in a heated, filtered 5 gal, with 3 live plants and some driftwood. Since I have live plants now, I really wanted to get a tank cleaner, but I had heard that snails produce a lost of waste. I thought ghost shrimp are cheap and adorable, and I know they are pretty clean creatures, so I bought some. Ziggy did not get along well with them, he hunted them to tank-extinction (even when I bought larger ones I thought he would leave alone).

Are there any other breeds of shrimp that get bigger (but not too big)? I went to the pet store and saw some really interesting varieties of shrimp, but they get up to 4" so.... No way.

Any creatures that are recommended that he may get along with better?
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Old 10-01-2013, 02:54 PM   #2 
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Amano shrimp are bigger and should fare better with a betta.
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Good to know. Are there any other good tank mates for a 5 gallon?
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If you ever get an algae outbreak, I'd recommend a nerite snail :). There isn't very much you can keep in a 5 gallon tank other than shrimp or snails including your betta of course.
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Old 10-05-2013, 01:22 PM   #5 
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Is it possible to get some variety of dwarf pleco in the tank with him? Or is he too aggressive for that? Since I recently got driftwood and floaters, I'm starting to notice a lot more algae in my tank.

I'm just really hesitant about a snail since I've heard they're so dirty. I'm really wanting Amano Shrimp but they don't sell them around here, and I can't afford the shipping on what I've found online if Ziggy may be able to kill them anyway. (Aka, I'm not going to spend 5 bucks on a shrimp, pay 20 dollars for shipping, and then it dies in a day).
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Did you actually see Ziggy get the Ghosties or just see the dead bodies and assume he got them?

I ask because shrimp don't do well in newly-cycled tanks; they need mature ones. I always suggest waiting until a tank has been cycled for a couple of months before adding any shrimp.

Also, and unfortunately, Ghosties are "feeder" shrimp and aren't treated very well before they reach the store. This causes many of them to die "just because."
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Oh try a snail. Theyre not as bad as everyone makes them seem. My snail tank is ALOT cleaner than my betta tanks are and I do less water changes. They are also really cute and fun to watch : )
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