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general question about medications.

i'm pretty much very curious about medications as i only know a few. i've also realized that there isn't a general thread about medications.

i know that bettafix has a lower concentrate of melaleuca and treats torn fins and finrot (over a long period of time is my experience and my opinion).

i've always wonder what was a difference between melafix and pimafix?

what do you think are the medications (besides water conditioner that is) that should be kept handy at all times and what infections is it most effective against? and what brand do you recommend? is there anything you wouldn't recommend to use/treat?

thanks! i just want to be prepared in case anything happens to my betta.

- becky
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This is what I have in my fish cabinet...the product of many rescues

-Jungle Fungus Clear - best product ever! Treats fin rot and fungus fast and has never failed me.
-Jungle Anti-Parasite Medicated Fish Food- treats internal parasites and the only med that has worked on them for me
-Maracyn TC- I bought it and used it twice but it didn't work
-Clout- treats external parasites but I've never had the chance to try it
-Jungle Parasite Clear - I tried it on internal parasites but it only worked temporarily. I don't know how well it works on external parasites
-Quick Cure- works great for ick
-Melafix- didn't work and actually caused negative effects I wouldn't use it again or recommend it
-Good old Aquarium Salt- I use mostly as a preventative when I bring home new fish but it has many other uses as well

I think that's it :)
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