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Unhappy From bad to worse. When to Euthanize? (Pictures Included)

The last couple of months have been torture on my poor little Betta.

He was constipated after eating a little bit of Brine Shrimp and caught an Ich infection during recovery. Towards the end of his treatment, his eyes have gotten puffy, his tail torn, and he's become quite lethargic. During the last couple of days, he's been suffering from buoyancy issues and is easily constipated with visible contortions ("S" shape) and for some reason bubbles have been getting stuck on him body. I thought he was getting better recently, but it's gotten bad again, and just today I noticed what appears to be a small white patch on his head and I think he's missing a scale. There's a bright red half-circle on the top of his head which is either a missing scale or a really bright one. Though he's been lethargic, I've seen him dart around a little tonight, often trying to swim low, but struggling and eventually being pulled up. He fortunately still has an appetite, but it's the only thing that remains constant.

I've been doing my best to take care of him since I received him in his one gallon, unfiltered, unheated, tap water-filled tank. I moved him to a 6.5 gallon tank, got a Tom's mini filter, a heater to keep the temp in the low to mid 80's, lots of silk plants and ornaments, Omega and Formula pellets, and I've been doing 15-33% water changes every day. I don't know what I"m doing wrong or what. I just want him to be happy and healthy, but it breaks my heart into a million pieces to wake up and see him in such bad shame, then go to bed when he's feeling even worse.

I don't know much about Bettas sadly, but I wonder if I'm doing more harm than good. I'm out of money, and I don't know what this new red mark means or anything. Should I continue to change his water daily and feed him, or would it be more humane do ease his passing? I just don't know anymore.

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I am pretty sure that the red mark which you are referring to on his head is just his colour so I really wouldn't worry about that. In all honesty he does not look too bad. I have seen bettas WAY WAY worse than your boy recover so please don't give up hope on him yet.

If you are out of money and cannot afford medications then just keep up with the water changes though you really don't need to be doing them quite as regularly as you are. Twice a week would be plenty for a tank that size. If you could spare a few dollars though I would really recommend getting him some Indian Almond Leaves as they reduce stress and contain natural anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. They are relatively cheap and can be found from a number of sources online including Ebay. If you are serious about wanting to save him and can scrape together enough for these leaves I really think that they could help. I was very skeptical about using them as they are a natural product and I tend to always lean towards more scientifically proven medications but honestly I can tell you from experience that these leaves can do pretty amazing dam things so yes definitely worth a try I am sure they would help.

How long ago did you get him? bettas can take a long time to recover, you have done right by him getting him a nice big tank and a heater and filter. How many pellets do you feed him a day and how often? If the pellets are quite large then only one pellet twice a day would be sufficient. If they are small (like the Atisons betta pro pellets) three pellets twice a day.

Good luck and please keep us posted, fingers crossed your little guy makes it he is beautiful!
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Well, the red mark doesn't show up as bright as it is on him. It really shocked me, and it was a sudden appearance. I went to get dinner and when I came back an hour or so, I saw that on him.

I got him several months ago, and his previous owner has had him from his container in a pet store, since March. Before I got him, he was eating 6 top fin pellets a day, but since his tummy problems, I just feed him 3 pellets a day. 1 in the morning, 1 after his afternoon water change (as a reward for going through the stress), and one at night before bed. Apart from his dinner to breakfast, they're all 6 hours apart. As for the water changes, I do them so often because the tank is uncycled so there's ammonia and stuff in it (I bought one of those testing kits). Also, I live in the desert, and even with a cover for his tank, my house gets covered in dust under a moments notice, so the top of his water needs constant cleaning. I'm just really trying my best. I can't stand to see any animal suffer, especially under my supervision. Right now he's in a 3 gallon hospital tank since I've been monitoring his poop. It's been mostly brown, sometimes light brown (guessing due to epsom salt treatment) and sometimes really dark brown. Probably gonna move him back tomorrow or the day after so he can be more comfortable since it doesn't look like he has parasites based on those results.
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Reference Team
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+1 to veggiegirl

Lots of easy to fix issues, and you are doing a great job caring for him. Euthanasia at this stage would be fairly irresponsible as there is a great chance for recovery.

Ial, as veggiegirl said, is great. Seller Amy Lim on eBay has a great track record among hobbyists, has fair prices, and let's you chose a grade... No need for grade a, the lowest grade isn't as nice to look at but performs just as well.
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Epsom salt would help with bloating. And just like veggiegirl said don't give up, if he is eating he is not suffering. So you don't really need to authorize him.
Are you sure he don't have ich anymore ? How long you treat him ?
Do you have another bettas, ich is contagious so be careful don't share anything between your other bettas if you have one.
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I can't give you much advice as I don't know a whole lot about sick bettas myself, but it doesn't seem like he's given up yet and like others have said, it seems like there's still a good chance of recovery. Like veggiegirl said, I just recently took a betta in bad shape out of some pretty awful conditions, and though better he is still recovering. It may just take some time.
It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job taking caring for him and it's obvious how much you want him to get better and how much you love him. Just keep carrying on, I know he is happier now that he is with you and his quality of life is already so much better. He's a fortunate fish and in good hands. :)
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hey how is he doing?
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euthanize, lethargic

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