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Unhappy Betta disappeared from sorority

Hey guys this is my first time trying this website out, I am just in desperate need of some answers. I have a 20 gallon long sorority with 4 females, 1 male, and five neon tetras. Filtered and heated, I do about a 30% water change once a week. Everyone is on a varied healthy diet and everyone gets along. I just added an air pump bubbler like a week ago. Only time any of these fish have had any sickness was when one had a bad swim bladder and it was taken care of quickly. So here's why im freaking out, I just went to feed everyone (they normally all come to the top and wait their turn) I noticed my male didnt come up. All of them are pretty good at being little Houdinis but i can say ive spent the last two hours looking through the tank with a flash light, taking some of the deco and plants out and even sorting through some of the rocks and checking the filter. I cant even find a PIECE of him. He was alive and well this morning, Ive checked all around the outside of the tank even though its hooded, im literally stumped. Could one of my females have eaten him?
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He could have jumped out of the tank, or he could have been killed and eaten by the females. I once had a male that lived in my sorority tank for around a year. He got along with the females, or so I thought until I found him after having been brutally attacked by one or more females in the tank. His injuries were horrific, and having witnessed the same group of females hunt down and kill a smaller fish before they then started to eat it, I would not rule it out as a possibility.

He could however be in the tank still. These fish can hide themselves very well, and if you have not completely torn down the tank, this is also a possibility.

Be aware on this forum the majority of members tend not to condone the keeping of males and females together (excepting breeding purposes). After my experience, I personally don't either. These fish are too unpredictable and sororities can be volatile environments even without the presence of a male.
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