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Freckles has tankmates!

Remember me from this post?

Well, it didn't take long before I had to have more! We went out and found a 10 gal over the weekend and went back to Petco and bought the 2 saddest looking females in dirty water, along with 2 corys & a male with not so great fins who was also in dirty water and brought them all home.
I stupidly didn't look into setting up a new tank so I didn't allow it to cycle before putting all of them in except the male of course. I'm keeping a watchful eye on the ammonia & nitrate levels, so far so good. The best news is the females all get along great. Freckles chased them at first but no nipping. I have the male in the 1/2 gal waiting out the tank cycle before I put him on the seperated side of the 10 gal.

Freckles in the front, the two new females are red & orange(in the back)

Goldie, can't wait to move in!

A Cory, they love the castle!

But wait, that's not all!
Labor day we bought a new mattress, the store had a male betta in a small glass cube on the desk. Today, I took them rocks, water conditioner and a huge vase to put him in! Another one saved!
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I'd be careful with the females. You usually need about 4-5 females to create a sorority. Plus, they need 10+ gallons and a lot of plants and hiding places.
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I agree with AngelicScars.
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Your male Betta is so pretty! But you should let the females have the 10 gal like AngelicScars suggested.
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I had 3 females picked out to put with her, one was so far gone she died before making it to the tank. I'm afraid to add another this late in the game. They all seem to be getting along so well. In fact the red one is rarely far behind Freckles in the tank, like she's her baby. They all already have their favorite hiding and sleeping spots.
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